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Significant expansion under way at Four Crosses Medical Centre

 A major redevelopment is under way at Four Crosses Medical Centre in Powys to extend and improve services for local patients and provide a modern environment for service delivery.

The scheme includes an extension to the Medical Centre to increase the current facilities to 3 GP consulting rooms, create a phlebotomy and treatment room, and expand the waiting area.

Dr Mel Plant, senior partner with Llanfyllin Group Practice which runs Four Crosses Medical Centre said: “This development has been made possible through a Primary Care Improvement Grant from Welsh Government along with funding from Llanfyllin Group Practice and a generous patient donation. The practice team is delighted that we will be able to offer our patients new facilities and more services closer to home. We would also like to thank our patients and partners for their invaluable support, including the practices Patient Participation Group and local Community Councils.”

Dr Sarah Breese, GP partner with Llanfyllin Group Practice and lead GP for the project added: “Work began on our new extension last month and we aim to complete this exciting development by spring 2020. The foundations have been laid, the drains are in and the brickwork has started. During the coming weeks our patients will see the walls going up and the roof trusses in place. We do apologise that during the building schedule there will need to be some temporary changes to our services to ensure that essential work can take place as quickly and safely as possible. Patients are advised to keep checking our website for details.”  


Community Connectors


National eye health week

We know you’ll have heard that carrots help you to see in the dark, but did you know that eggs and broccoli are good for your long term eyesight too? You’ll find some really interesting and perhaps surprising ways to look after your eye health here:

Sexual health week

If you have a disability, please talk to us about how we can support you with sexual heath and relationships. Disabled people report difficulties in obtaining basic services such as cervical and STI screening. We want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem, so if we can do something to assist you, please let us know what it is. We can’t promise to fix every issue immediately, but if we don’t know that there is an issue, it’ll take us a lot longer to get there.

Blood cancer awareness month

Over half of Brits say that they don’t know the symptoms of blood cancer, are you one of them?

If you are aged 16 to 30, you could become a stem cell donor to help someone with blood cancer,

If you’ve previously thought about becoming a stem cell donor, but are over 30, check whether you would be suitable to donate here

Urology awareness month

It’s Urology awareness month, and we want to encourage you to visit the GP if you have symptoms causing you problems that you’ve been too embarrassed to see someone about until now. You can find out more about what might be causing your symptoms here.

Are you a 1, 2 or 3? Or are you more like an 8? If your pee is yellow rather than almost colourless, you may be well on your way to severe dehydration. This can cause both short and long term problems:

Flu Season

We’ll soon be in flu season, and if we think you’re eligible for a flu vaccination because you are more at risk if you catch Flu, we’ll be in touch to arrange your flu vaccination. If you have certain medical conditions, are pregnant or aged over 65 you should be eligible for a flu vaccination. If you think you might be eligible but haven’t been invited for a flu vaccination by us before, have a look here to see if you might be eligible, and if you think you might be, please contact reception to check.


Clinics are now on the system for w/c 30th September including Saturday 5th October and are available to book for all eligible patients. There will be a late night in Llanfyllin on Wednesday 2nd October and Llansantffraid will have their usual clinic during leg club on Thursday 10th October.

The following patients are eligible for a flu vaccine:

· Aged 65 and over
· Immunosuppressed patients and their close contacts
· A registered carer
· A community first responder
· Have chronic respiratory disease
· Have chronic heart disease
· Have chronic liver disease
· Have chronic kidney disease
· Chronic neurological disease
· Have diabetes
· Have Asplenia
· Pregnant women – midwife led programme
· Morbidly obese

Children – eligible children will be invited in by the practice to planned clinics – pending vaccine delivery mid-October – Fluenz nasal spray (age 2-17 years)

Jeans for genes

Noticed that lots of people are wearing their jeans this week? That’s because it’s "Jeans for Genes" day, fundraising for the half a million people in the UK living with a genetic disease.

10th September - World suicide prevention day

Are you struggling to cope? Wish you could talk to someone without being judged? Did you know that the Samaritans offer many different ways to get on contact with them if you find talking too difficult.

There are no problems that cannot be solved. If you need to talk to someone, as you feel you can’t manage any longer, The Samaritans can help

Know your numbers (blood pressure)

Do you know what your blood pressure reading is? Do you know what a healthy blood pressure reading should be? You can get yours checked for free this week here

If your blood pressure is high, you are at greater risk of stroke and heart attack. There are ways that you can help to lower your blood pressure naturally. If you aren’t sure what your blood pressure is you can ask at Reception for an appointment with our HCA.

Migraine awareness

Many people complain that they have migraines, but do you know what the difference between a headache and a migraine is?

There are things you can do at home to help ease the symptoms of a migraine, and they aren’t all related to medication.

8th September - National dementia carers day

It’s National dementia carers day on Sunday 8th September. Caring for someone with dementia can be incredibly difficult, if you know somebody who cares for someone with dementia, perhaps you could make them a cuppa and a biscuit, or offer a listening ear.

Organ donation week

If you haven’t thought about it before, could you register to become an organ donor? Each year around a thousand people die while waiting for suitable donor organs.

Fewer than half of families agree to organ donation if their loved one’s decision to donate their organs hasn’t been discussed. Have you discussed your wish to donate your organs? Sometimes difficult conversations are the most important ones.

Blue Badge Online

Have you considered using the new and quicker on line service to submit your Blue Badge application and upload all of your evidence in one go?

Why not try it for yourselves at:

You can also complete your application over the phone with a member of our dedicated blue badge team, you can send your evidence to us or have it verified at one of our library points.

Paper applications are available from any Library or by contacting the Blue Badge team at or phone 01597827466.

We will no longer send out renewal letters but you can apply up to 6 weeks before your badge expiry date.

The Blue Badge Team

Community Connectors - Cysylltwyr Cymunedol

Looking for support?

Not sure who to ask?

PAVO Community Connectors can put you in touch with voluntary organisations and community groups to support you. We will work with you to access the right local services, support and information. People ring us about many different things – community activities, transport, benefits, health conditions, wellbeing, housing, loneliness and much more.

To talk to a Community Connector please contact us on:

01597 828649 *

*Llandrindod number - you will then speak to a Community Connector in your area

Chwilio am gefnogaeth?

Ddim yn si┼Ár i bwy i ofyn?

Gall Cysylltwyr Cymunedol PAVO eich rhoi mewn cysylltiad â mudiadau gwirfoddol a grwpiau cymunedol i'ch cefnogi chi.

Byddwn yn gweithio gyda chi i gael mynediad at y gwasanaethau, y gefnogaeth a'r wybodaeth iawn.

Mae pobl yn ein ffonio am lawer o bethau gwahanol - gweithgareddau yn y gymuned, cludiant, budd-daliadau, cyflyrau iechyd, llesiant, tai, unigrwydd a llawer mwy. I siarad ag un o’r Cysylltwyr Cymunedol, cysylltwch â ni ar:

01597 828649 *

*rhif Llandrindood - fe gewch yna siarad efo Cysylltydd Lleol yn eich ardal chi.

Making the most of your GP appointment

Have you ever wondered how to get the most out of your GP appointment? You might be surprised at some of the ideas here

Not sure who you should see about a medical issue you are having. Take a look at this chart to see what is most appropriate for you.

Online patient access

Have you thought about signing up for online patient access. You may be able to request appointments, and repeat medications and can do this when the surgery isn’t open. Not only that, you won’t need to spend time waiting on the phone or coming into surgery to make your request. Signing up is a straightforward process which our reception team can help with if needed. We’ll need to see some ID to make sure you’re requesting access to the right records, and then you are good to go. Take a look at our practice website, or ask in surgery today.

MND awareness month

With the death of Stephen Hawking in 2018, Motor Neurone Disease hit the headlines, but what about the financial hardship sufferers face?

Let's sock it to eating disorders. It's eating disorders week, could you wear your funkiest socks (and no, we don't mean funky smelling) to support this fantastic charity?
There are some well- known types of eating disorder, which include anorexia and bulimia. There are other less well-known eating disorders, such as pica (eating non-food items with no nutritional value) and avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder (very selective eating in either quantity or types of food), referred to as ARFID. You can find out more about the different types of eating disorder here:
If you are worried about someone who you think may have an eating disorder or are currently supporting someone who you know does, there is support available here:

Improving access to routine GP appointments

Following a review of our appointments system we are aiming to improve access to routine GP appointments to ensure patients who should see a GP, see one in a more timely manner.

In many cases patients do not need to see a GP and we want to avoid those patients waiting for a routine GP appointment when they could be helped much sooner by one of our highly skilled, multi-disciplinary team which includes our Pharmacy Team, Nurses and secretarial team.

To allow this to happen from Wednesday 20th February when you request a GP appointment or telephone call our trained receptionists will ask you a few questions as they do now, to ensure the patient does not have an urgent problem or an issue another that could be dealt with by another member of the team. If not the receptionist will then arrange for one of our Advanced Nurse Practitioners to telephone the patient back that day, or if the request comes late in the day early the next morning at a specified time.

The nurse will then ask for a brief description of the problem and arrange the appropriate appointment which could be investigations, a GP appointment or same day Duty Team appointment.

Please be assured this will not change our ability to see patients on the same day (Duty Team) as we do now. By doing this we hope to increase the availability of routine GP appointments.


If you request a private referral for a medical condition, please be aware that that referral criteria that your doctor follows is the same for private or NHS referrals. It would have to be deemed to be clinically necessary by the doctor that you see. It is also important that you know that having been referred into the private system, if the consultant you see requires any blood tests or x-rays that they will be undertaken in the private hospital and hence you will be charged fees for those.

As we work for the NHS and are funded by the NHS, we do not have the ability to take blood tests on behalf of private consultants as we do secondary care consultants in NHS hospitals


Primary care services will be contacting households in order to improve the accuracy of patient registration details.


Confirming accurate address details for your household details will ensure a more efficient delivery of healthcare, such as test results and screening notifications.


Should you receive an enquiry in an official NHS envelope relating to conformation of address details, please ensure you respond.

Contact the GP reception today if your details require updating!

Practice Update - DNA Policy

Due to the pressure on our appointments system and the high level of patients who DNA (Did Not Attend) it has been necessary for the practice to bring in a DNA policy. The first time a patient fails to attend a booked appointment they will be sent a DNA (Did not Attend) letter reminding them that in future they must cancel appointments if they are unable to attend. Within a 12 month period if a patient receives 3 DNA (Did not Attend) letters we will consider advising the patient to register with another GP practice.

To avoid being sent a DNA letter please cancel any unwanted appointments allowing a minimum of 24 hours notice by calling the reception 01691 648054

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