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Appointments / Telephone Triage

Throughout the pandemic we have offered telephone triage, video consultations and face to face appointments (where clinically necessary). The demand on our resources throughout the pandemic has been high but remained relatively stable over the last year, we are now seeing an exponential increase in demand for appointments and we must ensure that those patients with the greatest clinical need are prioritised.

We will continue to offer a mix of telephone and face to face appointments with our clinicians and our skilled reception team will continue to ask you for as much information as you are comfortable share to enable them to quickly direct you to the most appropriate source of care.

If you are unwell and think you have symptoms of Covid 19 you should immediately self-isolated and either go the NHS Wales online symptom checker or dial 119 to arrange a test.

Booking an Appointment

If you need to book an appointment at the practice please call reception on 01691 648054.

You will be greeted with an automated bilingual message initially and if you choose the option for appointments your call will be transferred to one of our trained reception team.
The receptionist will ask you some questions about why you are calling. They are doing this at the request of our GP’s and this information is important to allow our receptionists to direct you to the most appropriate person to help you, which may not always be a GP.
Please note you do not have to give this information, but it will help you and other patients to be seen more quickly and to get the right care when you need it.
To request a non-urgent appointment or a call-back from one of our reception team please email

Urgent Appointment Requests

If your request is for urgent medical attention on the day the receptionist will take as much information as they can from you and will book an acute telephone triage appointment for the same day. It is important that you provide as much information as you can for urgent appointments to ensure that the clinicians triaging all urgent requests are able to prioritise patients based on clinical need.

The receptionist will not be able to give you a set time for an urgent call as clinicians working through the urgent appointment list can be pulled aside to deal with medical emergencies which can take some time to deal with.
Please ensure you give the receptionist the best telephone number for the clinician to contact you on and that you are available to take the call. The clinician is unable to make repeated call backs if you miss your call due to the high volume of patients to deal with each day.
When the clinician calls you they will make a clinical decision as to the most appropriate way to deal with your concern, this may be arranging a prescription, providing advice, arranging a referral or requesting you come in for a face to face appointment.
Urgent face to face appointments will generally take place the same day with the same clinician who telephoned you unless another clinician is more appropriate and may be at any of the 3 practice sites – Llanfyllin, Four Crosses or Llanrhaeadr.
Please note requesting a sick note, test results, chasing a referral, routine administrative matters etc. do not constitute an urgent request and will not be dealt with on the day.
A number of clinicians make up the team each day who deal with urgent requests, these include a doctor, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Paramedic Practitioners and Specialist Nurses. The clinicians will determine which patients they contact depending on the nature of the request from the patient.
Please note for urgent requests you must be able to attend the surgery the same day if the clinician determines it is important for you to do so to investigate your concern appropriately.

Routine Appointment Requests

If your request is for a routine appointment with either a Practice Nurse or Health Care Assistant the receptionist will take as much information as they can from you and book the most appropriate appointment directly for you.

If your request is for a routine appointment with a GP the receptionist will give you a telephone triage appointment within 24 – 48 hrs with one of our highly skilled nursing team. 

The nurse will then ask for a more detailed description of the problem and arrange the appropriate plan for the patients care, this could be advice and/or prescription, an appointment for investigations, a GP appointment or same day Duty Team appointment for urgent problems. 

Please be assured this will not change our ability to see patients on the same day (Duty Team) as we do now.  By doing this we hope to increase the availability of routine GP appointments and ensure that patients have the most appropriate clinical contact as quickly as possible.


Home Visits

Please telephone reception before 12pm if you require a home visit that day. A doctor or nurse may phone you back as it may be that your problem can be dealt with by telephone advice, or that it would be more appropriate to send a district nurse, or indeed arrange a hospital attendance.

Home visits are only available for patients who are housebound because of illness or disability. Please remember that several patients can be seen in the practice in the time that it takes to make one home visit, there are also better facilities for examining and treating patients at the surgery.

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Cancellations & Reminders

Cancel an Appointment

It is important that you inform the reception staff if you are unable to attend your appointment, this will allow that appointment to be offered to another patient. If you need to cancel your appointment please contact us on 01691 648054, or via email

Appointments with Medical Students/ Registrars

As a practice we would like to welcome two GP registrars - Dr David Griffiths and Dr Alexander Hook 

GP registrars are doctors training to become GPs.  Llanfyllin Group Practice is accredited as a GP Training Practice , GP registrars are attached to one of the doctors here at the practice who is their trainer. The GP registrar is a fully qualified doctor who is likely to have a lot of experience of hospital medicine. 

Each GP Registrar will remain with us for a period of 6-12 months so you may therefore be offered an appointment with the GP registrar. By the time you see a GP registrar they will have spent at least 5 years at medical school to qualify as a doctor. Then they will have done 2 years working in hospitals followed by a 3 year training programme to become a GP, during which they will spend 18 months in a training practice. So by the time you see this doctor they may well have been working as a doctor for a period of up to 4 years.

Physician Associate

We also have Physician Associate Students on placement with us.

The role of the Physician Associate (PA) is rapidly growing within the NHS. Physician Associates (PA) are healthcare professionals who are graduates of a health- or science-related degree programme, and have completed an additional two-year university course in the medical model. Physician Associates support doctors in the diagnosis and management of patients. The students are learning to conduct consultations, examine patients, undertake procedures and diagnose and treat conditions.

If you would prefer not to be seen by a Physician Associate student or have them present during your consultation with the GP or nurse, then please let the receptionist know

Late For Your Appointment

Please attend your appointment on time, if you are late you may not be seen. If you are not seen you will not be able to rearrange your appointment until the next working day-except in the event of an medical emergency that requires immediate attention.


If you require an interpreter to attend with you when you see your Doctor please notify the receptionist and she will arrange this for you.

Useful Information when attending the Practice for an Appointment

  • If you are offered a face to face appointment we will look and feel a little differently when you attend at the surgery. You will be met at the door by a team member wearing PPE who will check you in. Your clinician will see you wearing PPE which can include a mask, visor, apron and gloves.
  • Please only attend at your appointment time, we will not be able to see you earlier as we have strict infection control processes in place between patients to ensure we keep both patients and staff safe
  • All patients are being asked to attend the surgery wearing a face covering, this is in line with Welsh Government guidance
  • Changing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) between each patient adds additional time to the end of each appointment. Prior to Coronavirus a face to face appointment with a clinician would be 10 - 15 minutes. Now an appointment will often involve a 10 - 15 minute telephone triage call followed up if appropriate with a face to face appointment of 10 - 15 minutes and a further 10 - 15 minutes of PPE change and cleaning. This adds an additional pressure on the clinical time we have available and one of the reasons we must ensure patients who are seen face to face are only seen when clinically appropriate
  • We understand that some patients are reluctant to come and see us in the surgery as they’re worried. We’re making sure that social distancing is as good as it possibly can be and that we maintain a ‘COVID-secure’ environment. Some of the things we take into account when we’re considering this are: the number of people in the waiting room, the number of people who pass each other in the corridors, and the toilet facilities that are available.
  • Our staff are people too, and some may have ethnicity or health issues that make them more vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19. As caring employers, we need to ensure that we keep our staff safe as well. We take the necessary precautions to keep both our staff and our patients safe.
  • If at all possible attend your appointment alone.
  • N.B. All incoming/outgoing telephone calls are recorded for safety and quality purposes
  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic we are only currently able to offer appointments booked by telephone and are not able to offer online appointment booking. It remains very important that only patients who clinically need to be seen present at the surgery and we continue to keep this under review following guidance from Welsh Government and Public Health Wales

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