Practice Updates

8th Jun

Eich Llais Powys

Wrth i ni lanio yn 2022 roeddem i gyd yn obeithiol nad oedd ein gallu i ymgysylltu wyneb yn wyneb unwaith eto yn rhy bell i ffwrdd. Fel Corff Gwarchod Cleifion y GIG sy'n gweithio ar ran trigolion Powys, ein rôl ni yw dlewyrchu eich barn a'ch profiadau am wasanaethau'r GIG yr ydych wedi'u defnyddio. Mae wedi bod yn dasg anodd dibynnu'n drwm ar gyfryngau cymdeithasol fel ffordd o ymgysylltu drwy gydol y cyfnodau clo amrywiol. Fodd bynnag, mae'r adborth a gawsom drwy ein harolygon lluosog yn cadarnhau ein bod wedi llwyddo i gyrraedd pobl ym mhob cwr o'r sir.

Clywed Eich Barn

8th Jun

Your Powys Voice

As we landed in 2022 we were all hopeful that our ability to engage face-to-face once again was not too far away. As the NHS Patient Watchdog working on behalf of Powys residents, it is our role to reflect your views and experiences about the NHS services you have accessed. It has been a difficult task relying heavily on social media as a way of engaging throughout the various lockdowns. However, the feedback we have received through our multiple surveys confirms that we have successfully managed to reach people in all corners of the county.

Hearing Your Views

8th Jun

The PIPA Trial

The PIPA Trail is an online parenting intervention to prevent affective disorders in high risk adolescents.PIPA_DirectInfoPoster_V1.0_11Oct2021.pdf

13th Apr

Important Patient Message - Medication Requests

We are seeing a large increase in patients presenting at our dispensaries requesting medication be dispensed to them immediately as they have either forgotten to order, not given the required time for a prescription to be processed or are going away and want to collect their medication earlier than it would usually be ready.
These requests are hugely disruptive to the smooth running of the practice, cause delays at our collection hatches and impact greatly on our ability to provide a safe and effective dispensing process to the rest of our patients.
Historically we have always tried our best to accommodate these requests despite the impact it has had but due to the severe pressure of increased GP practice workload we are no longer able to.
We have put out many communications to patients stating the required times needed for us to safely dispense medication, as a reminder the practice requests 72 working hours to process repeat medication requests and up to 5 working days for us to process a request for medication that is not on your repeat medication list.
Effective from today, should you not order your medication allowing sufficient time for us to process your request, we will be able to provide you with a signed prescription only - for repeat medication this will be available 24 hours after the request, and for medication not on repeat this will be available 48 hours after the request.
You will need to take the prescription to a pharmacy of your choice to be dispensed.
We will not be able to dispense your prescription for you in this circumstance.
We will audit the numbers of urgent prescription requests that we receive over the next few months and review those patients who repeatedly request urgent prescriptions, consideration may then be given by the practice to refuse to dispense any further medication to that patient.
As ever we ask for your support in this matter to allow our team the necessary protection to dispense medication safely and in line with all of the necessary governance we are required to meet as a dispensing practice.
3rd Mar

Download our App Today!

Join our 2200+ patients that have downloaded our new app, My Surgery App, since it's launch on the 1st July 2021!

We have received some really positive feedback from patients since the app's launch. Our app will help you access services at the Practice as quickly as possible, such as:

Sign up to online services and order your medication online and add notifications for when your medication is next due

Receive push notifications from the practice at your convenience on all the latest Practice news, updates and up coming closure dates

Links the the NHS COVID pass, COVID vaccination information and the latest COVID-19 information

Please use this link to sign up and get started

8th Feb

Greener Practice

This practice is delighted to be signed up to the Green Impact for Health Toolkit and is actively taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint. The climate emergency is also a health emergency, and health care in the UK contributes 5.4% of the UK's carbon emissions. We need to enhance the health of our current population without compromising the health of future generations, and this means operating within the sustainable boundaries of the planet. Fortunately most of the solutions for the planet also make our health better - for example eating a mainly plant-based diet, engaging in active travel and exercise in nature, avoiding smoking, reducing pollution etc all enhance our health and reduce our need for medications, with further benefits to the NHS, your health and the carbon footprint of healthcare. Take a look at to learn more about this.

3rd Feb

COVID 19 5-11 year olds

If you are a parent or carer and have not received an invitation letter for a child aged 5-11 please click on the link below for details
22nd Jan

COVID-19 antiviral and antibody treatments

Some people are now eligible to receive antiviral and antibody treatments for NHS patients at greater risk from severe COVID-19.

There are 2 ways in which you can receive antiviral treatments:

• as part of your standard care if you are at highest risk of severe COVID-19 and extremely vulnerable
• through a UK wide antiviral study called PANORAMIC available to COVID-19 positive patients over 50 or 18-49 with underlying health conditions

Antivirals will be used alongside the vaccine, which still remains our most effective tool.

To find out whether you are eligible for COVID-19 treatments or participation in a UK-wide antiviral study visit

Triniaethau gwrthfeirysol a gwrthgorff COVID-19

Mae rhai pobl bellach yn gymwys i dderbyn triniaethau gwrthfeirysol a gwrthgorff ar gyfer cleifion y GIG sydd mewn mwy o berygl o COVID-19 difrifol.

Mae dwy ffordd y gallwch dderbyn triniaethau gwrthfeirysol:

• fel rhan o'ch gofal safonol os ydych chi yn y risg uchaf o COVID-19 difrifol ac yn hynod fregus
• trwy astudiaeth wrthfeirysol ledled y DU o'r enw PANORAMIC sydd ar gael i gleifion cadarnhaol COVID-19 dros 50 neu 18-49 sydd â chyflyrau iechyd sylfaenol

Bydd cyffuriau gwrthfeirysol yn cael eu defnyddio ochr yn ochr â'r brechlyn, sef ein teclyn mwyaf effeithiol o hyd.

I ddarganfod a ydych chi'n gymwys i gael triniaethau COVID-19 neu gymryd rhan mewn astudiaeth wrthfeirysol ledled y DU, ewch i

12th Jan

Changes to the Cervical Screening Wales programme

On 1 January 2022, Cervical Screening Wales extended the interval between routine cervical screening (smear) tests for people aged 25 - 49 from three to five years.

If HPV is not found in your next routine cervical screening sample, we will send your next invitation in five years, regardless of your age. This is because the evidence tells us that the risk of developing cervical cancer is very low.

We have updated these FAQs (07/01/2021) to address comments and concerns that have been raised. We hope this further information and clarity is helpful.  


26th Nov 2021


In light of the COVID pandemic the Practice had to make a number of changes across all of its services to ensure that we made every attempt to keep our team and patients as safe as possible. One of the measures introduced was controlled access at our front doors of each surgery. We did this to limit footfall, maintain social distancing and prevent anyone entering our surgeries who had not already spoken to one of our clinical team and been requested to attend from just walking in.


Whilst we are still working under the same social distancing and infection control regulations we recognise that it’s been challenging for patients to wait at the front door of each surgery to be granted access (if appropriate) and also challenging for our reception team to run continuously between their working areas and the front door so we took some time during our training time yesterday to review these arrangements as a team to see if we could look to make things a little easier for everyone.


Following this review we have agreed to trial not having our front doors locked but to ask patients to support us by only entering our surgeries under the following criteria:


  • All patients entering our surgeries must have a pre booked appointment
  • All patients entering our surgeries must not have tested positive for COVID in the last 10 days, must not have a household member with COVID and must not be experiencing any COVID symptoms
  • We will not be booking any appointments at reception front desk at any surgery, for appointments or queries you must continue to telephone reception on 01691 648054
  • Do not enter to collect medication at Four Crosses and Llanfyllin, please continue to collect from the medication collection points signed at each site.
  • Llanrhaeadr patients can enter the surgery to collect medication due for collection that day.
  • Please attend your appointment alone unless you need the support of a carer
  • Please use the self-check in unit at Llanfyllin and Four Crosses to check in for your appointment
  • Do not arrive too earlier or late for your appointment. Our appointments are staggered to ensure we do not have too many patients at any time in our waiting areas, arriving too late or early may breach our maximum patient numbers and also the clinician will not be able to see you outside of your appointment time


We very much hope these arrangements make things a little easier for everyone, we are though depending on patients adhering to our requests and hope that we can have everyone’s full support to ensure we can continue to work as safely as possible. We will keep these arrangements under review and will keep patients updated with any changes.

Dental Helplone
8th Sep 2021

Dental Helpline

If you need help finding a dentist, phone the Powys Dental Helpline on 01597 828815

26th Aug 2021

My Desmond

Self-management Programme for People with type 2 diabetes

  • Ask the Expert – where you’ll have the multi-disciplinary team of the Leicester Diabetes Centre at your fingertips
  • Track your activity levels and even link up to the Fitbit or Google Fit
  • Track your weight, blood pressure, HbA1c, diet and cholesterol Set daily goals that fi t around your lifestyle
  • Compete with others in our DESMOND community on the global leader boards
  • Chat with members of the DESMOND community
  • Invite your friends and family to join you in your journey Learn more about type 2 diabetes through our interactive learning and 9-weekly booster sessions

Download the flyrer here

covid bma surgery
4th Aug 2021

COVID-19 Visiting Your GP Surgery

Please wear face coverings. COVI-19 protections are still in place at this surgery.

8th Jun 2021

Important News re your data

An increasing number of practices are receiving communications from patients noting their 'dissent from secondary care use of GP patient identifiable data ' either via a template letter, email or verbally.
This is following a notice from NHS digital in ENGLAND for daily data collection under the General Practice Data for Planning and Research (GPDPR) service. This DOESN'T apply to practices in Wales.
This data does not presently apply to General Practices in Wales and is specifically for those practices providing contracted services to English residents within England.
The increasing number of requests are likely to be due to the fact that English residents have until 23rd June to notify their English GP Practice that they wish to opt-out of this data collection due to start on 1st July 2021.
Please do not contact the Practice about the above as it doesn't apply to patients living in Wales.
26th May 2021

Foodwise for Life

More information here

18th May 2021

Get Help, Stay Safe

Information and support for older people experiencing abuse.

Please Remember: You Are Not Alone.

You may be worried about someone you care about. You may be desperate for help and support, but not sure where to turn. But please remember: You are not alone. Help and support is available. We know that seeking help can be incredibly difficult, but it is important that you get help if you need it. Please don’t suffer in silence. Find more information here.

18th Apr 2021

Patient Transport

Information about non-emergency patient transport

Both languages

Blue badge
3rd Mar 2021

Blue Badge Availability

Who is eligible for a blue badge?

Blue Badge eligibility.pdf

Good Gief
20th Feb 2021

Mental Health Monitoring

Download the active Monitoring Leaflet here

20th Feb 2021

Home Shouldn't be a Place of Fear

Chat to us confidentially on 07860 077333. More details here

9th Nov 2020

Credu Connecting Carers

Looking after somone with a health condition and/or disability?

Credu Flyer